An initiative by SOS Syria to help Syrian newcomers get connected, help them in their
education and a mean of communication to be used with their families as well.

Our goal is to help Syrian newcomers get the right tools to start their lives in Canada, and to get them to engage with the educational and employment system. As we know the first step towards connectivity is to have the necessary gadgets, our Project aims to connect donors with newcomers. Donors can donate Used Desktops/Laptops/Monitors/Tablets/Printers, where our team will make sure that all personal information is deleted, in addition our team will install all necessary software applications (i.e Microsoft Office) and have the gadget ready to use.

All donated computers will be tracked by our state of art inventory system, to make sure that any item donated is given to the right family.

Both Donors and Newcomers are able to register through our portal to get the process going, once registered one of our team members will get in touch with the party to help them through the process, and answer any additional questions they may have.